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Treatments for body pain Chiropractic clinic in Barnes and Epsom

Manor Green Chiropractic Clinic is a reputable chiropractic clinic in Barnes and Epsom. Offering great care and effective treatments, our chiropractors have saved many people from chronic pain. From chiropractic care for sport injuries to preventive care, we can help you with all of it. Get in touch with us today for overall well-being of your body.

Barnes clinic pricing

  • First treatment and consultation at £55

  • Follow up treatments of 40/45mins at £40

Epsom clinic pricing

  • First treatment and consultation at £55

  • Follow up treatments of 40/45mins at £40

Book a 1.5 hour chiropractic consultation in our clinic today.

The first time you visit our clinic, we will take about one and a half hours for consultation, which includes a complete assessment of your condition and obtaining your full medical and lifestyle history. We will then advise you on the treatments that can help relieve your condition. Click here to find out how it works.


Your first consultation

The number of sessions needed to treat musculoskeletal disorders varies considerably depending on:


  • Your age: You generally take time to heal as you get older.

  • The nature of the problem: A simple backache will often clear more quickly than a sciatic problem.

  • How long you have had the problem; generally, recent injuries will heal faster than injuries caused many years ago.


Most patients need between 2 and 10 sessions initially at weekly intervals then it could increase gradually or space out, by which time a noticeable change should have occurred.  Though treatment can continue for longer intervals, you will see immense improvement during the initial stages. Once the acute problem has been resolved, regular check-ups are recommended to keep your spine and other joints functioning well.

Number of sessions you might need