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Chiropractic care for sports injuries Chiropractic Clinic in Barnes and Epsom Sports injury treatments


Located in Barnes and Epsom, Manor Green Chiropractic Clinic offers effective chiropractic care for sports injuries. Our sports therapies are affordable and reliable. Our chiropractors have treated a range of sporting injuries and have developed an experienced hand. Whether you are a professional or an amateur seeking professional help for sport related injuries, we will be able to help. Get in touch with us for more information about our treatments.

Based in Barnes and Epsom, Manor Green Chiropractic Clinic treats a lot of athletes, including female hammer throwers. We treat a lot of rowers as our clinic is located near the river. In 2009, Jacqueline Crump accompanied Richard Newey in the Race Across America medical team.

Our services are available to customers in Putney, Richmond and throughout South West London.

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Are you still suffering from an injury caused while you were skiing or a result of other sports?  McTimoney Chiropractic can be the perfect solution for you. Our chiropractors are experts in re-aligning the bones of your spine to help you continue your favourite sport. Get in touch with us for more information on how our treatments can help you.

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Race Across America -  Testimonial

In 2009 I took part in the infamous Race across America (RAAM) completing 3000 miles on a bike in 10 days. The race is well known for being one of if not the toughest endurance event in the World and on average 50% of starters fail to finish.

Jackie was one of my support team and without her help finishing would have been a far harder if not impossible proposition. Riding 300 miles a day with little or no sleep takes a significant toll on the body. Throughout the race Jackie would set up on the roadside and be ready for me to be adjusted and maximise my chances of success.

On top of that she was a valued member of the team and helped with the mental side of the race always boosting my morale and helping me keep racing.

I have continued using Jackie since RAAM and have now qualified for the Ironman World Championships twice. Training over 20 hours a week through swimming, biking and running and again her help and skills have kept injuries at bay throughout.

Richard Newey