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Do you have a chronic back pain? Musculoskeletal problems are very common if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Manor Green Chiropractic Clinic believes in a natural healing process and offers comprehensive chiropractic. Our clinics are ideally based in Epsom and Barnes.

"I feel this is the most sympathetic treatment for the body. Manipulation is never violent and always within the limits that the body allows. I have always found this treatment to be effective, gentle and very good at allowing the body to gradually but securely recover its natural balance and posture. I will always recommend it to others."

-31 Year old female

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"The McTimoney treatment is in my experience a wonderful, gentle and soothing type of treatment and however I feel before going to see my chiropractor I always feel better afterwards"


Located in Barnes and Epsom, Manor Green Chiropractic Clinic has a huge database of happy clients. Get in touch with us today to be our next happy client.

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"My Husband and I wish we had discovered McTimoney years earlier, we would not have had to put up with so much pain for so long."

-58 year old female